By Rwamagana District, Gishari Sector



Dorcas Consolation Family (DCF) celebrates the resilience, strength, and courage of the rural women who are driving change in their communities against all odds.

At DCF, we recognize that the journey toward gender equality is ongoing, but today, we choose to honor the remarkable achievements of rural women who are striving for self-reliance and confidence. These women are the backbone of their families and communities, yet their contributions are too often overlooked.

One of the keystones of empowerment at DCF is the access to finance provided through women village savings and lending associations (VSLAs). Through collective savings and micro-loans, women are breaking the cycle of poverty and provide for family needs. 

Provision of training on custom-design products such as textiles and handicrafts through which women are transforming their lives and communities one stitch at a time.

The access to Home-based and community-based Early Childhood Development Centers for under-six-years children is another pillar to women empowerment, as ECDs ensure health growth and prevention of malnutrition which mainly affect children and women. That's why DCF supports home-based ECD programs, ensuring that children in rural areas have access to quality education and care from an early age. By empowering mothers to become educators in their own homes, we are breaking down barriers to education and fostering a love of learning that will last a lifetime.

Sports, Access sexual reproductive health and rights, GBV prevention and management, is milestone to celebrate as we continue to work hard in sustaining families, support local the social protection system.