About The Founder

Dorcas Consolation Family

Ketsia lost her parents at the age of 8, she was then welcomed by a family friend to her parents who nurtured her values of compassion, love and service to the community. Since then she has been committed to give back to the community as what she was given from the foster family. From humble beginnings, in 2005, Ketsia created Dorcas Consolation Family (DCF). Her Christian background inspired her to name the Organization after Dorcas, the woman who spent her life to the service of the poor (Acts 9:36-42). She will then understand that she lives to serve and fulfill the divine assignment of bringing the message of hope to the hopeless (Isaiah 61:1-5).

Ketsia stands as a shining example and an embodiment of true leadership, having devoted her entire existence to the betterment of others. Her vision, coupled with an unwavering commitment, has revolutionized the lives of countless underprivileged women and their families in the rural areas of Rwanda. Her monumental contribution to social justice celebrates the enduring spirit of hope, compassion, and resilience.

Under her leadership, DCF has become a beacon of hope for those in need and this has helped the Organization breaking the cycle of poverty that has weighed down many families for generations.

Through its education and healthcare programs, DCF has given underprivileged women and girls with their families the skills, knowledge and care that they need in life. The organization has also helped families in crisis by providing them with needed support to overcome their challenges and get back on their feet. The dedicated work of Ketsia was recognized by the US Embassy in Kigali as she was awarded as the Woman of Courage of the Year 2017. Member of diverse networks that promote women and girls, Ketsia is determined to End Period Poverty. Holder of a Masters’ in Gender Studies, she is a spouse, a mother, a sister and an excellent friend to many. She is passionate about empowering women for thriving families.