By Rwamagana District, Gishari Sector

When only Hope remains!


When only Hope remains!

Emely’s, a young woman facing hardships as a teen mother, found solace and support at Dorcas Consolation Family (DCF). Despite feeling alone and ashamed due to lack of family support during her pregnancy, she discovered a safe space at DCF where she connected with other women, shared her struggles, and was embraced by a network of supportive individuals.

During a sewing training program at DCF, Emelyse opened up about the pain of losing her baby shortly before joining the program. This loss had left her feeling shattered and lost. However, the compassionate environment of DCF provided her with a sense of belonging and comfort. Surrounded by understanding peers and women facing similar challenges, Emelyse found the strength to express her emotions, rediscover her smile, and embrace hope for the future.

Through the support system she found at DCF, Emelyse experienced a remarkable transformation. She no longer felt alone in her journey as a young mother, but rather empowered and optimistic about what lies ahead. With newfound confidence and a community of caring individuals by her side, Emelyse embarked on a path towards healing, growth, and brighter days.