Our Programs


For a more equitable and inclusive society and through various initiatives, Dorcas Consolation Family is dedicated to expand opportunities of every girl and woman so that they thrive and fulfill their full potentials. DCF women empowerment program encompasses custom design products, village savings groups and lending associations, financial literacy, and vocational training to equip women with the tools and resources they need to succeed.


Health program focuses on improving the well-being of women and their families by offering primary healthcare services, comprehensive reproductive health education, and initiatives to fight malnutrition and diseases.

In an effort to support the government policy of One Health Post per Cell; DCF has established IRAKIZA Health Post, a community clinic that serves around 700 patients every month. The community clinic serves the population of Gishari Sector and the neighboring sectors of Rwamagana District.


DCF ensures that women and children have access to quality education, emphasizing the importance.

DCF has supported more than 1,279 children to access primary and secondary education, to revise subjects in an after school project, and through provision of school fees and school materials. A number of beneficiaries have graduated from Colleges and important to the society in different services.

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